Curaçao Airport steps up service

Curaçao International Airport solicited the expertise of the FreemanGroup in February 2006 in order to provide improved, first-class service to the airport’s current 1.1 million and potential 1.6 million passengers a year.  After months of intense personnel training with the Texas-based travel and hospitality industry training company, the results of the Curaçao International Airport’s progress have been revealed and they show an impressive 11 percent improvement in the airport’s overall passenger service quality.
Walter Abernathy, CEO of Curacao Airport Partners, stated “Our company has a goal of providing an unparalleled experience to visitors arriving and departing through Hato International Airport. We are realizing this target through the collaboration with FreemanGroup’s ongoing training sessions and inspections.”
“We have taken a leading role in creating a common effort with all stakeholders to ensure that the level of service and products of our airport meets and exceeds the international expectations. By integrating the marketing message of the Curacao Tourism Bureau into the day to day business of all airport employees, FreemanGroup has given us a tool to create a better understanding of customer expectations and a common Island wide approach in providing that service. Measuring ourselves against earlier quality inspections and other comparable airports on regular basis will remind us of the Promise we made towards our visitors.” Added Mr. C.R. Christiaan, Managing Director of Curacao Airport Holding.
All of Curaçao’s Hato International Airport personnel, ranging from top-level management to immigration and customs to airport security and taxi drivers, underwent a series of inspections and hands-on sessions prior to, during and after undergoing the FreemanGroup’s training sessions.  In order to delve into the personnel’s weaknesses and strengths, FreemanGroup representatives performed numerous anonymous and unannounced quality inspections to monitor and measure personnel service.  The airport’s staff was evaluated on the 10 Bon Bini Promises, including customer interaction, eye contact, body language and customer service, among others.
“The improvement in the Hato International Airport staff is an excellent demonstration of the airport’s commitment to provide seamless, quality service to its customers,” said Paul Helson, Executive Director, Caribbean Operations, for FreemanGroup.  “I’m certain that passengers will have first-rate experiences traveling to and from the island.”