Is the reign of pamper-centred spas over?

A leading hotel and spa specialist predicts that the reign of the pamper-centred spa is over.

Ms Anne Biging, managing director of Healing Hotels of the World, today outlined her predictions for spa trends in 2007.

‘Today’s spa-savvy clients are interested in more than the latest wrap. A growing band of spa aficionados are recognising that beauty isn’t skin deep and they are leading the trend in seeking ‘health for life’ spas.

‘For the past few years, we have witnessed the pioneering of the medical spa. This trend will grow but will also encompass spas for mind, body and spirit.’ Ms Biging predicted.

‘The really leading-edge spas are focusing on providing clients with wisdom as well as luxury. It’s the wisdom of understanding yourself on many levels, then learning how to maintain this understanding,’ she said.


‘Spas will provide centres for developing spiritual, emotional and physical health where clients will learn to take responsibility for their well-being.’

So is pampering over?

‘No,’ Ms Biging said, ‘it will be an enjoyable extra. We will see more focus on the person rather than a problem.  People will see spas as places to develop healthful lifestyle habits—and learn these as part of a playful and joyful experience.’

Other trends? Ms Biging also predicted more men attending spas, more residential spas and an even greater role for online to access to a growing diversity of spas.

Healing Hotels of the World is a marketing/PR peak body of elite hotels, resorts and spas on five continents that brings a true holistic health and transformational approach to their businesses. Members include the Ananda in the Himalayas of India, Como Shambhala in Bali, Moonlight Head in Australia, Sante Winelands in South Africa and the Lanserhof in Austria.

‘Our standards are very different from those of the average spa today. We want to help guests’ educate themselves.  Our philosophy is that a heart-to-heart connection is where healing really begins,’ she said.

‘Healing Hotels of the World has three platforms to assist hotels,’ she said. ‘We offer a consultancy and training of excellence programme to hotels wanting to develop an individual, state-of-the-art approach to holistic health as well as comprehensive marketing solutions for members. Thirdly, we offer a series of Retreats and Master Programs conducted by world-leaders in their fields.’ 

Healing Hotels of the World, based in Germany, has members in Europe, Australia, India and South Africa.
Anne Biging has more than 20 years experience in international tourism destination marketing and also heads the German-based Tourism Marketing Group International. Interested hotels can contact her at [email protected]