Doubletree brand partners widlife fund

Doubletree Hotels has announced an exclusive partnership with World
Wildlife Fund as a continuation of the hotel brand’s successful Teaching
Kids to CARE community outreach program.From now until December,
thousands of kids will learn about the threats and challenges facing the
world’s animal population today and encourage them to do their part to
protect our planet?s wildlife.

“With more than 10,000 animals currently considered endangered and at risk
of disappearing forever, our Doubletree Teaching Kids to CARE initiative
empowers students to do their part to protect the world’s magnificent
creatures,” said Dave Horton, senior vice president - brand management,
Doubletree. “The effort kids are putting in to learn about and help save an
endangered animal’s life as part of this program should inspire each of us
to make a conscious effort to do our part in caring for our endangered
species, whether in our own community, our own states and provinces, or
around the world.”

Doubletree Hotels - with help from World Wildlife Fund - has developed an
appropriately themed ?Wild for Wildlife? initiative this Fall, complete
with lesson plans and resources to participating schools to teach children
about the importance of caring for and raising awareness about endangered
animals. As part of the lesson plan, students will participate in
interactive classroom demonstrations and discussions that aim to help the
students discover simple ways to save species around the world by taking
responsibility for and respecting the environment in which we all live.

After signing a pledge to do their part to protect endangered species, the
class will symbolically adopt an endangered animal through World Wildlife
Fund’s Animal Adoption Center, thereby joining thousands of students in
classrooms nationwide who will adopt more than 1,000 endangered animals
this fall. The funding for the adoptions provided by Doubletree to
support World Wildlife Fund help fight the threats all endangered animals
face, which can prevent animals like the ones symbolically adopted from
disappearing forever.

“This initiative is providing children with an excellent opportunity to
witness the impact our actions have on our environment and our planet’s
wildlife,” said Terry Macko, vice president of membership for World
Wildlife Fund. “We hope that through these efforts, the next generation
will be inspired to make a difference now and in the future.”


Teaching Kids to CARE, a community-based outreach program developed by
Doubletree Hotels, is dedicated to educate and encourage children to start
making conscious decisions at an early age to show they care about their
communities and the world in which they live. From its humble beginnings as
a grass-roots initiative to the social responsibility projects it
encourages today, the Teaching Kids to CARE program has grown to become a
widely recognized and honored community service program. By spreading the
hotel brand?s distinct CARE culture far and wide, Doubletree employees have
inspired and educated nearly 100,000 elementary school children across the
country, empowering them to make a difference in their local community,
state, country and even the world. Celebrating its fifth year, Teaching
Kids to CARE is a semi-annual community outreach initiative occurring in
more than 150 communities across the U.S. and Canada.