Grenada in marketing drive

Grenada is being introduced to a whole new level of marketing and public relations. This pronouncement was made by Minister of Tourism Hon. Brenda Hood as she spoke to the media recently from the apron of Point Salines International Airport where the Nutmeg One was parked.
Nutmeg One is the newest marketing initiative by the Port Louis Grenada developers aimed at showcasing Grenada regionally and internationally. Nutmeg One is a 13b seater executive aircraft adorned with the Grenada flag on the tail of the aircraft, Grenada’s national colours; Ice (red), Green and Gold (yellow) and the Port Louis Grenada logo.

Owner and developer of Port Louis Mr. Peter de Savary says Grenada is on the threshold of major tourism development. He says Grenada will soon become one of the most sought after and exclusive destinations in the region.  Both Minister Hood and Mr. de Savary agree that the new Nutmeg One aircraft will promote Grenada to new target audiences.