Philippine Air enables e-ticketing

Amadeus is launching electronic ticketing for Philippine Airlines. This is the 161st airline globally to distribute e-tickets through the Amadeus service.
Roberto Diaz De Rivera, Senior AVP Corporate E-Business of Philippine Airlines said: “With our major routes Amadeus e-ticket-enabled, we are now able to deploy efficiently and rapidly to travel agencies, and benefit from the advantages of faster ticket processing and monitoring. We expect this implementation to result in greater time savings for our passengers through faster check-in.”

A world leader in e-ticket distribution, Amadeus now enables e-ticketing to 161 airlines globally. Amadeus expects to introduce a further 20 more by the end of the year. 

“We are delighted to partner with Philippine Airlines in their drive towards 100% e-ticketing. Coupled with continuous quality training and support, together we will endeaour to drive industry initiatives forward through unrivalled market coverage that Amadeus e-ticketing offers,” added Damian Hickey, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus Asia Pacific. “E-ticketing is expected to save substantial operating costs, and is a key step forward for airlines in becoming more cost efficient.”

IATA estimates that the airline industry will save up to US$3 billion a year, just by switching to e-ticketing. Last year, IATA selected Amadeus Amadeus as an IATA preferred supplier for achieving paperless travel by 2007, and Amadeus is well placed to complete its part in this key milestone for the industry.