Grenada in tourism drive

Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr. The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell has hailed the start of the biggest tourism project ever to be undertaken in Grenada as one which will bring benefits to all Grenadians. Speaking at the Sod Turning Ceremony of the Port Louis Development, Prime Minister Mitchell praised developer Peter de Savary for his interest in Grenada. He recognised Mr. de Savary as a developer who was prepared to work with Government and the people to ensure that his developments are not only successful but also add to the prosperity of the destination.  These sentiments were endorsed by Grenada’s Minister of Tourism Hon. Brenda Hood. She told the audience that “Grenada is now poised to become one of the top tourism destinations in the Caribbean.”

Minister Hood complemented the local hoteliers, restaurateurs, tour guides and other service providers for shaking off the impact of Hurricane Ivan. She said “our tourism product is being developed by resilient, creative and hardworking people who are prepared to place the needs of their country first. I want to say that in almost every case persons have built back their businesses better. We have not been daunted by Ivan, we now are at a point where our facilities and services are better that they have ever been.”

The Minister also noted that there was now very serious tourism investment taking place in Grenada. She cited the Port Louis Grenada project, as a shining example of the level of investment which Grenada was now attracting.

In his turn to speak Mr. de Savary noted that his group was not interested in making Grenada another Dubai or Las Vegas but was instead focussed on creating a high quality, unique product. Mr. de Savary also described the many rewards which Port Louis would bring to Grenada. He described Port Louis Grenada as not just a unique club for wealthy persons but a high class development which would result in business and jobs for a wide variety of persons from all sections of the population.