Denver airport starts podcasting

Denver International Airport is
introducing a new section on its website called Sights and Sounds.Here
people can find media on demand: video and podcasts that highlight
interesting aspects of Denver International Airport and also provide useful
information for travelers.
  Sights & Sounds debuts with three videos and one podcast:
  —Video topics
    * Packing Tips—Tips to help travelers know the TSA rules for carry-on baggage
    * DIA Art—A feature story about DIA’s public art installations and exhibitions, highlighting one exhibiting artist and an airport patron who saw the artist’s work at DIA and purchased the painting
    * FOD Squad—A story that shows airport employees picking up foreign object debris from taxiway and runway shoulders

  —Audio podcast
    * Travel Tips—Tips to help air travelers have an easy journey through the airport and passenger screening.  Describes current TSA rules for carry-on baggage
  Web browsers can access Sights and Sounds by clicking on the last menu
item on the home page of DIA’s website: . Visitors to the
site can view or listen to the media files online with computer media
applications such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime, or they can
download the files to their personal computers for viewing or listening at
their leisure.
  Sights & Sounds will regularly offer new video files and podcasts. DIA
staff produced all of the video and audio segments on the site.