Travelodge surveys bedroom temperature

According to a new study revealed by Travelodge, 87% of the UK nation have reported trouble sleeping because of the temperature in their bedroom.The most common complaint being too hot to sleep at 64%.

More than a third of folk sleep with their bedroom window open all year round to try and stay cool. Despite this15% would deliberately sleep in a hot room and keep the window closed due to security fears and visiting spiders during the night.

Chris Idzikowski, Sleep Expert from Edinburgh Sleep Centre said:” It is not surprising that so many Brits have trouble sleeping due to the temperature in their bedroom; as not many people are aware that their body temperature must go down during the night to get a good night’s sleep. Body temperature minimum is usually around 04.00 am and this is controlled by the brain. If the minimum is not achieved then sleep is disturbed. Too make it more complicated if the room is too cold at the start of the night then brain will try to maintain body temperature preventing heat loss and thus also disturbing sleep”. 

Not everyone feels enough heat as 3% of the nation always goes to bed with the heating on overnight and a third wear pyjamas to keep warm under the duvet.

The temperature also causes arguments as couples try to agree on the heat in their bedroom. Almost a third of Brits argue with their partner about the room temperature before going to bed. To avoid arguing 10% will use two different duvets on the same bed. Whilst one in ten folk will sleep in a separate room because they couldn’t agree on a temperature.


Idzikowski, Sleep Expert, said: “As the ‘right temperature’ for an individual is vital to sleep well and as sleep is like other behaviours such as eating and drinking, it is not surprising that irritability and hostility erupt in the bedroom. Partners need to work together on creating the ideal sleeping temperature that works with both bodies.

“The trick is to find the right balance - body temperature needs to be sufficient so that the veins in your hands face and feet can release heat. This can be resolved by having the correct room temperature with the right tog of duvet and wearing the appropriate nightwear”