Online weather resource unveiled

A new website has launched which offers weather and climate advice on worldwide destinations and helps travellers choose, and book, a destination based on the weather conditions they’re seeking.
Aimed at holidaymakers and travel advisers alike, claims to be informative, practical and easy to use. It helps people find out about the climate in different parts of the world at any time of year and - unlike other weather sites - explains what the facts and figures mean in highly practical, holiday-planning terms.

For example, the new ‘When to Travel’ feature ( means users can choose a destination and specify their desired climate and, handily, the months that most closely match their needs are revealed, alongside star rankings for all months of the year. If a trip to the Maldives with the least chance of rain sounds enticing, specifies that the best month to visit is February. Fancy the United Arab Emirates but dislike the heat and humidity? reveals that the best months in Dubai are January and February.

The upgraded ‘Holiday Planner’ ( works the other way round. By choosing the month of travel, and the desired weather conditions, travellers can discover which destinations offer the best match.
Users about to embark on an imminent trip can see what the weather’s like at their chosen destination right now. Additionally, for inspiration, the ‘Hot or Not’ feature ( shows the hottest and coldest locations based on temperatures taken within the last few hours.

When the user has decided on a date and travel destination, there’s no need to go elsewhere to book the actual holiday. allows users to search for flights, accommodation and hire car, conveniently placing the whole holiday selection experience on a single site. Alternatively, users can find out more by clicking on the holiday and resort links.

Jon Nigel, founder of, comments: “We started by creating a useful and meaningful resource to help travellers discover what kind of weather they might expect on holiday. The recent developments mean we can now help them plan and book their holiday from start to finish based on the idea of finding the right weather in the right place at the right time to suit their needs.”


It’s not only tourists who benefit. The site is also valuable for people planning business trips or events to worldwide destinations where they may not be familiar with the weather conditions.