AA focus on child safety

American Airlines is teaming up with AmSafe Aviation to offer consumers the only Child Aviation Safety Restraint System (CARES) certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use on flights within the Continental United States.  American Airlines is the first airline to offer the CARES product, one of several initiatives in which American Airlines is focusing on enhancing the travel experience for families.
The FAA regulation requires children over two years old to occupy their own seat.  Although not required, the FAA encourages the voluntary use of a child restraint system to enhance safety during taxi, take-off and landing.  The new CARES product is a small, light-weight device - under one pound - created by a grandmother to give parents traveling with small children a more convenient alternative to flying with a 15 pound car seat.
“American Airlines has been a long-time supporter of the CARES product throughout the development, research and approval process,” said Lori Pratt Smith, North American Sales Manager, AmSafe Aviation.  “Given this support and our focus on enhancing the travel experience, it’s only appropriate for American to be the first airline to sell CARES.”
“Anyone who has flown with a kiddie trail - the car seat, toys, games, diaper bag, and favorite cuddle item - knows what a challenge it can be to travel with little ones,” said Peggy Sterling, American’s Vice President - Safety, Security, and Environment.  “We are excited to be the first airline to support the sale of the CARES product and make traveling with children easier and less stressful for parents.”
The CARES product is available for $74.95 through the American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum gift shop (www.crsmithmuseum.org) or by calling 1-877-277-6484.  Parents who order CARES will also receive a DVD demonstration video and instructions.
“American also has several Admirals Club lounges with children’s rooms.  American recognizes that keeping children occupied in a relaxed environment at the airport before the flight, making food available for sale onboard the aircraft, and making a lightweight and economical safety restraint device available to keep little ones safe can make a world of difference in the entire family’s travel experience,” said Till Tatum, an experienced American Airlines flight attendant. 
The CARES product fits on all aircraft seats except the Boeing 777 first class Flagship Suites.