China Southern Internet sales climb

China Southern Airlines was the first airline in China to sell an Internet e-ticket in 2000 and it has reported that its commitment to e-ticket sales six years ago is paying major dividends to the nation’s largest carrier.

From January to September 2006, sales of China Southern Airlines’ e-tickets reached a substantial RMB 10.4 Billion.

Airline e-ticketing by China Southern now tops the scales of more than 32 percent of the total e-ticket volume in the Chinese aviation industry.

Since March 28, 2000 when China Southern Airlines launched its e-ticketing program - through March 2005 - the airline has sold more than RMB 4 Billion in Internet airline tickets and today is reporting e-ticket sales growing on a massive scale.

On July 6, 2006, China Southern Airlines began offering its e-ticketed passengers with on-line self check-in service which is now available for
flights departing Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Beijing Capital
Airport and Shenzhen Huangtian Airport with further expansion to other Chinese
airports in the future.