Icon start-up opts for Boeing

Icon International Holdings has announced that it has selected the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 for utilization in its plans for providing all premium business class travel domestic and international routes.The B767 has crossed the Atlantic more times than any other aircraft and has the lowest operating costs of any widebody airliner. Additionally the B767s produce less pollutant emissions per pound of fuel than any comparable sized aircraft. Icon plans to acquire three B767 for use on its international service. Icon intends to reconfigure the interiors to all business class accommodations.

The Boeing 757 offers exceptional fuel efficiency, lower noise levels, and superior operating performance. Icon will utilize the 757 on all domestic and North American routes. They will be modified to accommodate an all business class interior. Icon intends to acquire three B757 during 2007.

Additionally, the choice of the Boeing 757/767 will allow Icon to monitor its crew-training expenses, since the 757 and 767 offer common pilot type ratings.