BCD Travel in tech drive

Farelogix has been selected by BCD Travel, the
world’s third-largest travel management company (TMC), as one of BCD Travel’
s partners in the development and implementation of a new technology
platform designed to deliver customer value in the areas of content
management, supplier optimization and operational efficiency.

“Our goal is to insulate BCD Travel customers from the uncertainties
surrounding access to travel inventory,” said Dee Runyan, BCD Travel’s
executive vice president for products, technology & supplier relations.
“Farelogix is providing us a part of the technology that will enable us to
address the complexities of processing travel transactions for our clients,
while also driving efficiencies across our organization and ensuring that we
can execute on any inventory-access strategy that a customer might pursue.”

Farelogix enables BCD Travel to better optimize the many supplier and
distribution services available in the travel market from a content,
functionality, and financial point of view. As an important technical part
of the new BCD Travel platform, the Farelogix FLX Platform will enable BCD
Travel agents to source travel inventory from a variety of channels,
including supplier-direct connections, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), as
well as private and Internet fare sources. It will also enable BCD Travel to
centralize its data sources, faring and shopping, as well as travel policy.
By providing a solution to address this fragmentation of inventory, BCD
Travel can empower its agents to compete more effectively

The FLX Platform will enable BCD Travel agents to source travel content
against an infinite number of flexible, rules-based criteria. These include
lowest cost to the supplier (competitive booking source) and best content
source according to supplier (i.e. Web site).

BCD Travel will also be able to monitor and manage contractual commitments
made to its customers, the GDSs and suppliers.  For example, rules can be
set to ensure the appropriate GDS bookings are met, or a minimum number of
bookings per month are made via a particular source of content.


“BCD Travel is proactively addressing the challenges of today’s travel
market by delivering solutions that protect its customers from changing
industry dynamics,” said Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix. “By working closely
with BCD Travel, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the way they
access content and drive cost efficiencies. In a nutshell, this is the
Farelogix core strength.”