Konover Hotel signs on Aptech

Konover Hotel Corporation and Boykin Management have signed agreements to install a suite of customized software solutions from Aptech Computer System.  Konover will install the Execuvue?’ Business Intelligence system for data analysis and corporate reporting to support strategic decision-making.  The company also selected the Profitvue?’ and Webvue?’ Internet-based corporate accounting systems to automate data collection and reporting.  Boykin Management will install the Profitvue enterprise back office accounting system to standardize its 10 hotels on one platform for consolidated financial reporting. 

        Marty Collier, CFO for Konover Hotel Corporation said, “We selected the Profitvue, Webvue and Execuvue systems because they provided the most detailed chain financial analysis and reporting capability of any applications we evaluated.  Aptech’s installation and training team understands hospitality operations so the install went smoothly.”  Konover currently has five properties live on the Aptech platform and expects to add 15 more after January 1, 2007.

        Boykin Management will install the Profitvue multi-property accounting system and Webvue Internet accounting solution to standardize accounting and financial reporting for its hotels.  Greg Smith, CFO for Boykin Management Company said, “Profitvue system is flexible enough to enable Boykin to support its different types of properties independently.  Boykin will operate its full service properties as stand-alone businesses that manage their own accounts payable and general ledgers with their own accounting teams by accessing the centralized system from the Internet.  For its limited services properties, Boykin will use Profitvue to provide financial services remotely from its corporate headquarters.”  Aptech will host the financial applications from its secured data center which is can support remote consolidated back office operations for entire hotel company portfolios.  Clients may also host Profitvue from their own offices.

Execuvue and Profitvue automate enterprise accounting and business analysis
  Execuvue is an Internet-enabled hospitality business intelligence application for large and small hotel companies that coordinates data from a wide variety of corporate systems, including Smith Travel Research, into accessible information with familiar Windows simplicity.  Execuvue gives hotel executives the power to make better decisions daily by providing fast and easy real-time access to key operating information and graphically displaying it.

        Profitvue easily handles single or multi-property accounting and may be installed at one hotel or deployed as a hosted ASP service.  Multi-property consolidations are accomplished automatically according to operator criteria and Profitvue allows new properties to be added quickly and easily.  Webvue is the Internet module of Profitvue that enables automated remote data entry and report generation quickly and easily through a company’s Internet or Intranet site without adding accounting staff.