Galileo reveals University partnership

Galileo Asia has announced its strategic partnership with the University of Santo Tomas - Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, in Manila,  Philippines. Under the terms of the partnership, Galileo will provide junior students who are learning computer reservation systems skills in their tourism computer classes with direct access to the Galileo global distribution system (GDS). Galileo will also provide training for the university professors and together jointly develop the training manual for the students based on past teaching experiences of the course.

Andrew Ling, General Manager, Galileo Philippines, said the reason behind the partnership between Galileo and University of Santo Tomas is Galileo’s interest in partnering with a well-established and reputable college in the Philippines that can train and produce future professionals for the dynamic travel industry. Students equipped with the Galileo System skills can readily apply it in over 52,000 Galileo Travel Agency worldwide.

“We believe these new ITHM graduates who are training on the Galileo system will be the travel agents of the future in the Philippines and elsewhere,” said Ling. “We would like Galileo to be their preferred GDS and be a point of comparison if ever they use other GDSs.  These students may also be future Galileo sales agents and by learning Galileo’s key features and functionalities now, they can further educate and convince future users.”

Ling went on to say that “Approximately 250 students per year are expected to train on the Galileo system, with the intent of becoming Galileo-connected agents after graduation. We are pleased to be part of this exciting training programme in an effort to produce more future industry professionals in the Philippines.”

Asst. Prof. Ma. Cecilia A. Tio Cuison, Director of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Santo Tomas , said the partnership with Galileo is another innovative step by the Institute to ensure graduates obtain the required skill set to excel in the highly competitive and dynamic travel industry.


“Our partnership with Galileo is an evidence of our commitment towards achieving this end, as students have the opportunity to utilize a sophisticated GDS system during their practical classes in travel and tourism. Furthermore, Galileo’s integrated and comprehensive training will go far in ensuring graduates are up to date with the latest global technological and reservation trends,” she concluded.