New awards for responsible tourism unveiled

In the spirit of Responsible Tourism Day, the
International Council of Tourism Partners a civil society travel organization and
Mondial Global Energy (MGe) a tourism group committed to renewable energy solutions
announced the Annual Tourism Climate Change Awards.They will be given for the
company, organization or individual judged to have made the greatest contribution to
providing leadership in responding to Climate Change issues in the tourism sector.

Two Awards were announced:

- A World Tourism Responsible Energy Award with a global focus
- A Mission Africa Responsible Energy Award focusing on Africa

Each Award will include a $10,000 Prize sponsored by Mondial Global Energy (MGe).

The first Awards will be given on the first World Responsible Tourism Day 2007
following a nominations process organized by eTurbo News and participating industry
partners. The judging panel organized by Mondial Global Energy (MGe) will be chaired
by Maurice Strong, who was Chair of the Rio Earth Summit and will include José Maria
Figueres, former President of Costa Rica; Dawid de Villiers the last UNWTO Deputy
Secretary General; Jonathan Tourtellot, Director of Sustainable Destinations,
National Geographic Society; and Fiona Jeffrey, Managing Director, World Travel


In announcing the award Alex Winch, chairman of Mondial Global Energy (MGe) said “
We are committed to raising the profile of Climate Change Solutions for the tourism
sector, just as we are convinced that solutions can and will be found in the coming

Chairman of ICTP Thomas Steinmetz said that we are excited to partner in this
commitment to Responsible Tourism Day in an area of such critical importance.