Tiger offering Barokes wine-in-a-can

Tiger Airways has partnered with Australian wine producer, Barokes Wine, to sell its patented Vinsafe product, Wine-in-a-Can. The international award winning premium quality Barokes Chardonnay Semillion White wine and Cabernet Shiraz Merlot red wines are available on-board all Tiger Airways flights.

“Tiger Airways is pleased to offer our passengers a new product choice for on-board consumption and duty free sales. Barokes is a long-standing wine producer of repute, well known for its innovative Vinsafe Wine-in-a-Can concept which provides convenience without compromising on quality. The wine is packed in individual serves for our customers’ enjoyment during their flight,” said Tiger Airways Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Rosalynn Tay.

“The lightweight package enables the wine to be easily uploaded and stored on-board our flights. We can be rest assured that Tiger Airways customers will be charmed by the wine and packaging concept.”

The Australian Chardonnay Semillion white wine from sunny climates combines a taste of rich, nutty chardonnay flavours from blends of mature wines with the delightful fruitiness of youthful semillion. The nose of honey from subtle wine maturity provides a classy wine with a distinctive peach aroma. It has a good green, pale gold colour. The Cabernet Shiraz Merlot is a full bodied red wine blend of three fully ripe Australian grape varieties. The ripe flavours of cabernet, rich mouth feel provided by shiraz, lots of mellowness by merlot combines well with the firm finish of the cabernet. There are ripe aromas on the nose, a subtle hint of oak, red and crimson colours.