GenaRes goes for new Worldspan product

GenaRes Worldwide Reservation
Services has become
the first reservations technology provider to fully implement the new
and advanced Worldspan XML Pro for Suppliers hotel content product.Developed by global travel technology leader Worldspan, L.P., Worldspan
XML Pro for Suppliers is the travel industry’s most highly developed
data exchange solution for direct connections between hotel suppliers
and a GDS, and a key component of the Worldspan Wired suite of
messaging products.

The first end-to-end XML solution for hotels, Worldspan XML Pro for
Suppliers has expanded to create new e-commerce distribution
opportunities for hotels and other travel suppliers. Today it supports a
broad range of transactional, information and descriptive content using
a blend of Worldspan technology, the industry’s most comprehensive
XML-based specifications from the Open Travel Alliance (OTA), Simple
Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and the latest data transfer standards for
fast adoption and deployment of Web Services.

Serving small independents to large hotel chains worldwide, GenaRes
adopted Worldspan XML Pro for Suppliers to create a standards-based XML
interface for loading its hotel content for distribution and transaction
processing across all Worldspan distribution channels, including travel
agencies, corporations and travel Web sites globally.

“GenaRes can now electronically build and update properties in Worldspan
with unprecedented speed and efficiency,” said Ursula Rhode, executive
vice president for GenaRes. “We anticipate our operating and system
maintenance costs will decrease significantly through the ability to
exchange a broad range of structured data with the Worldspan GDS using
this advanced messaging technology.”

“Worldspan is pleased to work with leading technology adopters such as
GenaRes,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, vice president - Worldwide Travel
Supplier Solutions. “Travel companies that choose Worldspan XML Pro for
Suppliers have the right technology to boost distribution and
transaction processing capabilities, lower operating costs and expand
their reach to Worldspan-connected retailers worldwide.”


Worldspan’s longstanding market leadership in messaging technology for
the travel industry led to significant recent advancements in Worldspan
XML Pro for Suppliers.

New capabilities, all based on specifications as they are approved by
the OTA, support Worldspan Integrated Hotel Source transactions and
Worldspan Hotel Select database content for more efficient travel
distribution. Transactional information message capabilities in
particular continue to expand and are currently available for the
exchange of hotel rate information, rate rules, availability, sell,
cancel and modify messages.

Worldspan XML Pro for Suppliers is designed to reduce GDS interface
development time and costs for travel suppliers. Time and human errors
involved in manual processing are also eliminated and replaced with the
latest technology to load consistent and accurate product data into the
Worldspan system.

Worldspan XML Pro for Suppliers is quickly and easily implemented over
an existing TCP/IP connection or via a virtual private network (VPN). A
comprehensive software development kit (SDK) is offered to help
developers easily learn, customize and implement unique travel supplier