Star Alliance improves mileage calculator

Star Alliance has further simplified planning round the world
flights by launching an easy-to-use online version of its Round the
World Mileage Calculator.The new tool is now available online at and brings with it
two distinct advantages over the existing downloadable version: an
enlarged user group, as anyone with internet access can now make use of
this tool, irrespective of their computer operating system and real-time
schedule information which is retrieved directly through the internet.

The Round the World Mileage Calculator allows customers or travel agents
to build complete round the world itineraries online corresponding to
the applicable fare rules. Once the full trip has been planned, it can
be transmitted to a reservations office of one of the member carriers,
be printed and faxed to a travel agent for booking and ticketing or
simply be saved on the computer for future use.


All Star Alliance Round the World fares are attractively priced
according to mileage flown and class of travel. The routing can cover a
total distance of up to 39,000 miles with a maximum of 15 stopovers. The
fare is available for travel in First, Business or Economy Class.
Tickets are valid for one year. Additionally, the Star Alliance network
also offers a Round the World special fare, which is only available for
travel in Economy Class, has a maximum mileage of 26,000, must be
purchased seven days prior to departure and permits three to five

With the recent inclusion of South African Airways in this product, the
number of routings available to passengers has increased, especially
within Africa, across the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.



In addition to the Round the World fare, Star Alliance offers a total of
ten fare and discount products, including the African, North American
and European Air Passes, the Circle Asia and Circle Pacific fares and
Conventions Plus, a dedicated product for conventions travel.


Mileage accrual through any of the Frequent Flyer Programmes offered by
the 18 member carriers is possible when travelling on Star Alliance fare
and discount products. Moreover, Star Alliance Gold and Silver card
holders are entitled to make use of their status benefits when using
these fares.