ATA says 25 million for Thanksgiving

The Air Transport Association of America
(ATA), the industry trade organization representing leading U.S.
airlines, is forecasting that 25 million passengers - an average of more
than two million per day - will travel globally on U.S. airlines during
the 2006 Thanksgiving holiday season spanning Friday, Nov. 17 through
Tuesday, Nov. 28.
The nation’s airlines expect this three percent year-over-year increase
in passengers to result in planes, on average, being more than 80
percent full over the holiday. Sunday, Nov. 26 and Monday, Nov. 27, are
expected to be the busiest two days.

“While we are enthused that many people will be flying this Thanksgiving
holiday, we want our customers to have a pleasant travel experience, and
this year that requires a bit of preparation,” said ATA President and
CEO James C. May. “Airports will be packed and at times lines could be
long, so it is critical that passengers understand what to expect,
especially given new security measures.”