Seattle airport buys PASSUR Software

Megadata Corporation has announced that Seattle-Tacoma
International Airport (Sea-Tac) has purchased a subscription to PASSUR
FlightPerform to improve overall operations.
“Airports are taking on greater responsibilities in flight operations,
and as they do, our proven operational tools - like FlightPerform - are
becoming more critical to them,” said Jim Barry, Megadata’s President &
CEO. “We are very impressed with the Ramp Tower Controllers at Sea-Tac and
we’re looking forward to their suggestions for further enhancements to our
capabilities. This is our first opportunity to work with Sea-Tac, and we’re
pleased we can play a part in their bright future.”

  FlightPerform is the industry “gold standard” for airspace
visualization, for those customers who need the most dependable, reliable
capability to guide their operations in real time. FlightPerform is a live
flight and airspace analysis and awareness system using air traffic
management-style displays and tools, used by airports and airlines for
real-time arrivals, dispatch and facilities management.

  “We picked FlightPerform largely on the basis of its frequent refresh
time,” said Mike Ehl, director of operations at Sea-Tac. “We felt the
frequent updates of the on-screen data gives us an additional measure of
safety and efficiency.”