Hotel alliance upgrades website

IXeo Interactive Travel SA has been chosen by the Global Hotel Alliance to build and operate the company’s website with complete dynamic packaging & tailored booking solution.

The agreement included both the front-end design and complete booking engine around the prestigious hotels and resorts in the Global Hotel Alliance. The IX-e booking solution adds flights and local services, to complement each hotel’s accommodation and to broaden the product offering. IXeo’s unique filtering technology, the IX-concierge, enables hotels to offer services relevant to the chosen destination and their guests’ travel motive and lifestyle through a completely flexible travel planner.

Through a partnership with Columbus Travel Publishing, the IX-e platform is additionally enhanced by rich and reliable destination content, including city guides, airport guides and local event information. IXeo will handle all fulfilment, for GHA tailored packaged services.

Christopher Hartley, Global Hotel Alliance CEO, states: ‘through our recent merger with the Asian Hotel Alliance, the GHA is now perfectly set to be the alliance of choice for independent luxury hotel brands and our discerning clients demand the very best global capability for leisure and business travel. Our website not only reflects this image, but also offers a reliable and state-of-the-art booking experience for our customers. IXeo has impressed us with their complete quality approach to blend design, functionality and high-quality content into one seamless application.’

‘We are proud to be selected as the complete application and solution partner for the Global Hotel Alliance, with their innovative vision for the hospitality industry. Our one-stop-shopping-solution for the customer has once more provided a competitive advantage for our clients. The fast pace in the hospitality industry calls for new creative solutions to retain customers in the branded environment of a hotel’s website. We believe that flexible destination content with the possibility to book all travel-related services on one site will be the key factors for the future success of hotel branded portals and tourism gateways,’ says Graham S. Leslie, President and CEO of IXeo.