Travel industry gets TCS Innovation Lab

Tata Consultancy Services have launched the TCS Innovation Lab dedicated to the travel & hospitality industry. The TCS Innovation Lab for Travel & Hospitality provides a unique experience center for the airlines, hotels, resorts and travel companies where new domain solutions can be developed incubated and piloted using the latest technologies in a cost-effective environment before enterprise-wide deployment.

TCS Innovation Labs give TCS customers ‘on-demand’ access to innovation and creativity with a team comprising of domain experts, business process analysts, technology specialists and a R&D team. The TCS Innovation Lab for Travel & Hospitality is building a wide range of ‘re-usable assets and components’ that help airlines retain their differentiators as well as achieve high productivity and significant cost savings from technology investments.

Inaugurating the Innovation Lab for Travel & Hospitality in Chennai, Paul Coby, Chief Information Officer, British Airways said: “British Airways has a long-standing, strategic partnership with TCS; in supporting and developing BA’s world-leading IT systems. We are always on the look out for new ideas about how we can improve customer service, inspire our employees and continue to reduce our costs; so we welcome TCS’ Innovation Lab for Travel and Hospitality.” Mr. Coby added: “IT innovation for innovation’s sake has no place in business, but innovation that benefits passengers and hotel guests are most welcome.”

N. Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice-President and Global Head, Sales and Operations, TCS, said: “The focus of the Innovation Lab for Travel and Hospitality will go beyond technology innovation and develop solutions that result in higher productivity and business innovation for our customers.” Mr. Chandrasekaran added: “With over 35 clients in this industry, TCS continues to make significant investments by establishing this innovation lab to help the travel and hospitality industry face challenges like new business models, reduced margins and increased competition globally.”

The Travel & Hospitality Innovation Lab is also designing solutions in e-services, revenue accounting, fare-filing and distribution as well as targeted customer marketing. “Together with TCS’ R&D teams, this Innovation Lab will showcase its domain and technology capabilities and develop the next generation of software development methodology to help travel companies achieve significant productivity for its IT initiatives”, said K. Ananth Krishnan, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer.