Air Arabia adds route to Yereven

Air Arabia announced it will fly direct from Sharjah to Yerevan-Armenia, which is one of the latest additions to the Middle East carrier’s destinations portfolio. Yerevan is the fifth new destination announced by Air Arabia in the last few weeks and promises to attract many travellers as it is only three hours away from Sharjah airport and therefore a very convenient attraction for nature inspired week-end breaks.

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and counts 1.2 million inhabitants, which is 40% of Armenia’s total population and makes it the most animated city of the country. Travellers will be enchanted to walk through one of the only cities in the world to have its authentic birth certificate and thus, proving it is one of the oldest on earth.

As a tourist destination, Yerevan will provide UAE travellers the possibility to walk in a green city, visit numerous monuments from previous Soviet Union Republic, shop in traditional boutiques and markets, attend performances at the Yerevan Opera-pride of the city and discover the beauty of the Mount Ararat, capped with snow and reflecting the beauty of a city that shines with pink because of its tuf stone.

‘Yerevan is a unique destination for us as it is still uncharted territory for many residents and travllers. We are very proud to bring our passengers the opportunity to discover historical cities and learn more about destinations that are out of the ordinary.’ said Mr Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia.

‘We particularly aim to provide our customers exciting destinations, convenient flight timings and above all, reasonable costs for their trip. Additionally, we hope to introduce to our passengers very soon a value added Air Arabia holidays option that will add to the overall attraction of availing full, hassle free holiday packages,’


he added.

Starting with a single flight to Bahrain in October 2003, Air Arabia today flies to over 30 destinations across 20 countries, including recent additions like Chennai and Thiruvanthapuram in India, Latakia in Syria and Katmandu in Nepal carrying over two million passengers.