Hotel alliance welcomes new members

The Global Hotel Alliance partners Kempinski, Omni, Pan Pacific and Rydges are set to welcome three new Members to the organisation. From 1st January 2007, the Asian Hotels Alliance (AHA) will merge with GHA, immediately bringing Dusit Hotels & Resorts, Landis Hotels & Resorts and Marco Polo Hotels as new members of GHA, while Meritus Hotels & Resorts and New Otani Hotels have an option to join GHA during the next 12 months.

GHA is now a fully incorporated company, based in Geneva, Switzerland, from where it plans to continue expanding its membership. GHA’s CEO, Chris Hartley, is delighted with the merger of GHA with AHA. “It’s great news to merge with such a like-minded organization as AHA. Asia is today home to the world’s largest emerging markets and this merger gives GHA superb coverage of a continent that is becoming increasingly important for business and attractive for leisure.”

Hartley sees GHA as the perfect solution for small to mid-size regional brands that are looking to compete more effectively for international business coming from outside their home markets. “By integrating technology through our chosen partner Micros-Fidelio, GHA members are able to share marketing data, broaden their sales reach and at the same time reduce their distribution costs. GHA enables its members to improve their hotels’ financial performance, while retaining their well-established individual brand identities. GHA is now recognized as offering the ideal alternative for smaller brands seeking the commercial benefits of belonging to a large organization, while retaining their independence”

GHA now consists of 186 upscale and luxury hotels and resorts, spread over 39 different countries.