Lok wins Atlanta Wi-Fi deal

Lok Technology has joined forces with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to enhance high-speed Internet access, through multiple aggregators, for roaming users traveling, working, and operating at the world’s busiest airport.HJAIA chose LokBox appliances as its Internet delivery-service platform because of their ability to process thousands of simultaneous customers, their unique capacity to seamlessly integrate multiple-service providers’ access plans into a single captive portal, and the ability to facilitate public safety, airport operations and commercial traffic over a single Wi-Fi infrastructure.

HJAIA launched its wireless Internet-access platform last year and has now chosen to partner with Lok Technology to further in-source management of its network.

Currently, travelers can select from five WISP brands - this breadth of service offering is unprecedented in the marketplace and is not only beneficial to the WISPs but to travelers and airport public safety, operations and tenants as well. In addition, because of the LokBox appliance’s neutral host-service delivery architecture WISPs can compete, throughout the Airport, for new customers and quickly update service offerings on the fly - changing pricing, launching promotions, or providing new service plans for immediate distribution. The airport’s tenants and public safety and operations divisions also benefit from the breadth and flexibility of the LokBox technology.

“Lok has been a tremendous company to work with and the LokBox appliance fit into our network smoothly. The single-box appliance made installation and integration seamless and the LokBox appliance is delivering all the services we had anticipated,” said Lance Lyttle, HJAIA CIO and architect of the multi-WISP concept. “More than 100 thousand users per month use our platform for public safety, airport operations and commercial purposes. All commercial and most private traffic goes through the LokBox appliance and everything has operated flawlessly.”

With hundreds of tenants, 55,000 employees, numerous operational divisions, and the annual passage of more than 83 million travelers (all potential users) it is critical that users are provided with fast Internet access with no downtime. To ensure that these demands are met, HJAIA deployed a dual system high-availability LokBox configuration to ensure there is no single-point of failure and scheduled or unscheduled downtime has minimal impact.


“We are delighted with the success Hartsfield-Jackson is experiencing with its unique service offering. Leveraging the customer acquisition skills and billing infrastructure of various WISPs to build a successful, neutrally-hosted Wi-Fi service at the Airport is a stroke of genius and a model we believe will be replicated throughout the travel industry. We are thrilled to participate in this deployment and look forward to other Airports using Wi-Fi to provide exemplary customer service,” said Keenan Klinger, President Lok Technology.