Leonardo enhances ebrochure range

Leonardo is enhancing its online brochure range by offering eBooks that feature virtual tours, moving images, sound clips as well as auto-update and page zoom functionality. 
Leonardo is now offering two new variants of its popular eBooks, They are digital replica’s of any printed marketing material - which can be viewed both online and offline and downloaded an unlimited number of times.

Template eBook - designed primarily for large hotel/travel groups which mandate design/collateral integrity across all brands, regions and groups. Using a template design, the eBook can be replicated for all hotels within a brand incorporating virtual tours, moving images, interactive links and sound clips.  A key feature (for existing Leonardo customers with content management platforms) is its “auto-update functionality” - ensuring all information being displayed is fresh and up-to-date.

Full Page eBook - ideally suited to large volume collateral such as directories and travel magazines, this new eBook is an exact replica of the printed version, using the client’s original size artwork. Complete with links within the eBook to selected Web sites and booking engines.  The full page zoom functionality provides online viewers with the feeling that they are reading a printed brochure.

“It’s not difficult for travel and hospitality executives to migrate from expensive, time-consuming and quickly outdated printed marketing materials to exciting and inexpensive electronic brochures” said Leonardo CEO David Elton.  “This new marketing medium is a highly cost effective way of delivering a companies current - and ever changing - marketing message in real time to potential or brand loyal customers.

‘As the eBooks are digital, they can be updated as often as the customer requires unlike printed brochures,” Elton said. “It provides consistency of rich media content across the hotel brand or tour/travel operation as it ensures that all information being displayed is current. The eBooks facilitates easy navigation between each section and page within the eBook, and It features the advanced technology needed to support animated images.  Additional features, such as sound clips and exploding roll-overs offer enhanced media presentation as well.”


Once the e-Book has been created from existing photographs, logos and text, it can be downloaded an unlimited number of times from anywhere in the world and distributed accordingly. File sizes are compressed to facilitate seamless download and information can be shared from one viewer to the next via email, a link to a website or by burning the data to a CD Rom.  In addition, the ability to track downloads is invaluable.

“Many hotel groups and independent properties are already realizing the cost benefits and promotional advantages offered by eBooks,” Elton said.  Print and distribution costs are dramatically reduced, as eBooks become a highly cost-effective way to distribute marketing messages without the time-consuming task of the traditional distribution methods and the ever-increasing administrative costs that accompany them.”