Nicaragua responds to US warning

In response to the recent travel warning issued by the U.S. State Department, the Nicaragua Tourism Board (INTUR) would like to state the following:

—As of October 31st, in relation to the upcoming elections taking place on November 5th, there have been no violent acts or demonstrations reported in Nicaragua and we do not expect them to take place.

—Demonstrations to date have all been peaceful and organized according to each political party’s agenda (which is openly distributed to the public).

—Travel to Nicaragua has continued as usual and all hotels, airports, restaurants and travel services are open for business.

—According to USAID Director of Latin America and the Caribbean, Adolfo Franco, these types of travel warnings are routinely issued during election periods. In a recent interview, Franco was quoted as saying: “The United States usually sends these announcements when there are events of massive participation. We sent one for the World Cup in Germany. It is common to give notices about precautionary measures when there is a hard-fought election. We have previously done it in Caracas, Mexico and throughout the region. It is necessary to clarify that it is routine.”


“This election period has been yet another example of Nicaragua’s democracy,” says Maria Rivas, Minister of Tourism of Nicaragua. “While we do suggest that tourists exercise caution during an election period wherever they may be traveling, there has been absolutely no hostility or violence towards visitors to Nicaragua. According to statistics by the United Nations and Interpol, Nicaragua is the safest country in the Americas. The warmth and acceptance of the Nicaraguan people have been major assets in drawing the many Americans that visit this country. This continues to be the case and Nicaraguans welcome travelers now more than ever.”