Corfu hotel’s license revoked after child deaths

The operating licence of the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel in Gouvia, Corfu, where

two UK children died of carbon monoxide poisoning last week, has been

temporarily revoked by the Regional Tourism Service for the Ionian Islands, by

order of Greek Tourism Minister Fani Palli-Petralia.

The licence will be revoked permanently if an investigation currently underway


proves that the hotel was responsible for the deaths of the two children, who

were on holiday with their father, according to the Athens News agncy.

The bodies of Christianne and Robert Shepherd, 7 and 6, were found in the

bungalow suite the family had rented last Thursday, while their father, Neil,

38, and his partner, Ruth Beatson, 28, were transported in a comatose condition

to a Corfu city intensive care unit. Doctors said the two adults were conscious

on Saturday afternoon and recovering.

An autopsy on the two children identified carbon monoxide poisoning as the

cause of death, with the investigation focusing on a gas leak into their room

from a poorly-ventilated utility room adjacent to the suite.