Hong Kong’s Oasis hits more trouble

One of the world’s first long-haul budget airlines has ran into more trouble. Oasis was delayed by a day and comes after its first flight ran into trouble with Russian air traffic control.A spokesman for Oasis told Agence France Presse news agency that traffic congestion at London’s Gatwick Airport had forced the new delay.

“There was a huge traffic backup at Gatwick that forced the delay of the Sunday flight,” the spokesman said.

More than 240 passengers were stranded in London on Sunday. Flight O8707, a Boeing 747, was due to take off from that evening and land in Hong Kong Monday afternoon.

Instead it took off mid-day Monday and landed in Hong Kong about 10am Tuesday.

The spokesman said it was too early to say whether the late arrival of the London flight would force the delay of a flight due to leave Hong Kong at 3pm Tuesday.


A report in the South China Morning Post English-language daily said trouble with a truck towing the plane from the gate at Gatwick, as well as air traffic congestion, had forced it to miss its Sunday take-off slot.