GHRS, Hilton sign distribution deal

Further to the successful development of a new connection technology to Hotel Central Reservation Systems, GHRS is signing an agreement with Hilton Hotels Corporation.

GHRS developed a Layer technology that allows direct connection to Hotel Chain CRS through OTA XML standards and through switches.

The technology simplifies the updating of the information necessary to distribute Hilton Hotels through GHRS Network. A direct connection to Hilton CRS allows to cut down costs and in the meantime to increase the distribution efficiency of the group.

GHRS’ flagship is the customization of the product provided and its special attention to hotel industry requirements. Thanks to the high quality service offered, GHRS has been developing high value contacts both with hotel managers and end users.

“GHRS can offer high value tools to hotel chains. Through our technology we offer an essential element to hotel companies success” comments Luca Fenzo, GHRS Managing Director. “Our partners show a 70% increase in production after only few months presence on the network. This new agreement enables Hilton Hotel Group to improve its performances in terms of productivity and returning clients.”