Travelzoo launches non-travel Extra

Travelzoo is expanding the scope of
its U.S. publications with the addition of Travelzoo Extra.Travelzoo
Extra is a new section of Travelzoo’s U.S. Web site that publishes
recommended non-travel sales, such as DVDs, electronics, apparel and
  “Travelzoo Extra marks our entry into the business of publishing non-
travel deals, in addition to our core business of publishing travel deals,”
said Ralph Bartel, chairman and chief executive officer, Travelzoo. “In the
past, users have asked us why Travelzoo doesn’t list sales other than
travel. Now we are responding to this request. While this type of content
provides additional useful information to our subscribers, it also is an
incremental business opportunity for us.”
  The products and services featured in Travelzoo Extra will follow the
same rigorous research and evaluation process that the company applies to
the publishing of travel deals. The company does this to assure quality,
value and availability to the recommended deals it publishes.
  A select sample of Travelzoo’s subscribers are alerted weekly to this
section by way of the company’s Top 20(R) e-mail newsletter.
  Time-sensitive and exceptional offers that have been listed on
Travelzoo Extra recently include: Adidas sportswear, Garmin GPS units,
Borders discount coupons, designer sunglasses sold by, a
T-Mobile free phone offer, and Halloween costumes. This week, the section
features an L.L. Bean outerwear sale along with a variety of memory sticks
and digital cards.
  The offers featured in Travelzoo Extra are editorial but the company
intends to generate listing fees in the future as well as promoting this
new product to all 9.3 million Top 20 subscribers in the U.S.