Abu Dhabi hosts record media presence

ADTA has hosted more than 230 media representative in Abu Dhabi since the beginning of 2006. Several tourism activities took place in the Emirate including the launch of a major initiative seeking to establish Abu Dhabi on the world’s tourism map.

According to TV reports and articles written in various magazines and dailies by many travel and tourism media specialists, Abu Dhabi has carved a distinctive niche as a global tourism destination for families, businessmen and ordinary tourists. It also staked a claim as a hub for companies and also for what is known as Incentive Tourism. More importantly, they say, Abu Dhabi is unbeatable in what it offers to its visitors: serenity, warmth and hospitality. Abu Dhabi, they say, captures the oriental spirit and beauty.

According to Godfrey King, Editor of the South Africa-based Incentive World magazine, many visitors find Abu Dhabi fascinating because of its amazing blend of oriental heritage and Arabian identity on the one hand, and modernity on the other. Its spirit to move forward, serenity and uniqueness are incomparable to other big cities in the world.

‘The first thing that strikes visitors to Abu Dhabi is the unrivalled warmth and hospitality with which they are met. Additionally, as the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is astoundingly progressing all the time’, he said.

ADTA is paying great attention to increase its promotion efforts in the world’s prime tourism markets throughout events organized by representative offices abroad, those offices have recently conducted several seminars, workshops and road shows especially in the UK and Germany.


Peter Ajathakis, Tourism Editor of Radio Vienna concurs: ‘What is striking at first notice is the amazing blend between modernity and ancient heritage. This is done so ingeniously that modernity does not overshadow the ancient and indigenous heritage. Modern lifestyle is also pursued but not at the expense of historical realities. Not many cities in the world have succeeded to strike such a delicate balance’.

Marcel Vissers, Editor of the Belgium-based M.A.M magazine concurs that Abu Dhabi successfully offers the vibrancy of the big cities with a charming serenity, stillness and orderly life. Fizarouz covered the launch of the Gulf Tourism Exhibition which was announced at a press conference in September this year. The exhibition will be held in March this year.

Pavel Zhavornkov, Editor of the Russian Kombani magazine, describes Abu Dhabi as unique in its attractions to the tourists. “Abu Dhabi is set to play a leading role in global tourism. It has all the potentials that any tourist is craving for: 13-kilometer long beach of pristine white sands, world-class hotels, parks, shopping malls, recreational facilities and modern infrastructure’, said Zhavornkov who attended a press conference in Abu Dhabi recently to announce plans by Transaero to operate direct flights between Abu Dhabi and Moscow during this October. The press meet was organized by Planet and Tours Company.

In addition to all these attractions, says, Maria Plis, Chief Reporter of the Russian Business magazine, Abu Dhabi is renowned for its breath-taking sand dunes considered ideal for life-time deserts safaris. “A visit to Abu Dhabi is indeed a journey of discovery, where the tourist gets to know Bedouin life so closely. This is in addition to a whole-range of other activities such as camel-riding and sight-seeing in areas of game reserves and oasis. Desert safaris is also gaining enormous popularity to an extent that some amateurs are organizing desert skiing tournaments”, said Bliss.

She went on to say that the azure waters of the Gulf are famous for being a sanctuary for marine life and coral reefs. This makes the place ideal for divers aspiring to discover the seabed of the Arabian Gulf. Tour organizers arrange fishing excursions which are followed by luncheon barbeques on one of the islands.

The significant growth of tourism in Abu Dhabi in recent years, according to Roman Tyulyakov, Editor of the Russian Tourinfo daily newspaper, owes its boom to the sound infrastructure provided by the emirate. This is in addition to the tourism varieties offered to various tourists groups.

These attractions are further accentuated by the massive tourism projects, particularly in the real-estate sector which is expanding as a result of increased population. Political stability and security, sound infrastructure and existence of legislation protecting foreign investments are all factors raising the profile of Abu Dhabi.

The significant boom in direct foreign investments in the emirate is a strong proof of investor confidence in both the legislation and climate of Abu Dhabi.

Commenting on the infrastructure of Abu Dhabi, Wolfgang Tropf, Travel and Tourism Editor of Non magazine in Austria says that Abu Dhabi is rapidly expanding its tourism infrastructure with an amazing pace. “My visit to Abu Dhabi last September was not the first. But it was certainly very different, considering the enormous expansion in the tourism infrastructure. Nevertheless, the capital still maintains its unique and serene life style”, said Tropf who was in Abu Dhabi as part of an Austrian media delegation.

“The most captivating experience is the spectacular sight of the deserts, which assumes different shades throughout the day. This sight fills the tourist with an exotic sense reinvention. Indeed, Abu Dhabi captures the oriental spirit and beauty”, said Maria Sterkl, a reporter with Der Standard daily newspaper in Austria.

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) has embarked on a massive promotional drive to reinforce the rightful place of Abu Dhabi as a top choice for global tourists. The Authority has been a proactive participant at the international travel and tourism exhibitions. It also maintains a strong presence through its overseas offices which regularly invites reporters from renowned leisure publications. The ADTA opened its first office in London in February this year followed by another office in Frankfurt in March.
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