AirPlus wins SIA deal

AirPlus has entered into a partnership with Singapore Airlines in the
field of business travel management.AirPlus will offer companies in
Singapore a complete payment and cost analysis solution for corporate
travel on the international carrier, enabling companies to thoroughly
analyze all their travel expenses and benefit from a unique cost
  Core element of the new partnership is the AirPlus Company Account. It
is a central payment account which makes paying and evaluating business
travel much simpler for companies. The AirPlus Company Account enables
corporate customers to better analyze and control their travel spending by
providing detailed and accurate data including company, traveller and
trip-specific information.
  “We are delighted that we can offer corporate customers in Singapore an
advanced payment system representing both cutting-edge technology and an
individual-tailored solution. In addition, the collaboration with one of
the world’s leading carriers will strengthen our position as a provider of
global business travel payment solutions and preferred partner for
airlines,” states AirPlus Managing Director Patrick W. Diemer. Within the
framework of the collaboration, corporate customers will also gain access
to a powerful management information system: The AirPlus Information
Manager enables complete analysis of all travel services. With the
information that is gained, companies will recognize cost-cutting
opportunities and have the optimal basis for negotiations with airlines,
hotels, car rental companies and other service providers.