CSA unveils dynamic packages

Dynamic packages which will offer travellers the opportunity to make reservations and hotel bookings with one call are being introduced by Czech Airlines’ sister company, CSA Airtours.

The programme currently covers the Czech Republic, but mainly Prague, and will shortly be extended to include Brno and Ostrava connections and hotels. Other destinations in the Czech Republic which have connecting facilities to Prague are also due to be added.

Also due to be covered are destinations served by Czech Airlines over Prague including Budapest and Sofia, subject to the availability of e-ticketing to these additional points.

The new facility will be available on the Czech Airlines Web site (www.czechairlines.com) and also directly through Airtours in Prague on (tel. 420 222 101 481-2 or e-mail [email protected]).  Only one reservations request will need to be completed for both the air booking and for the hotel reservation.

The total cost will represent a saving in comparison with making the bookings as separate transactions.


In future, Czech Airlines is considering adding car hire, insurance and other services which it will be possible to book through the same transaction.