Qantas responds to online trends

Qantas Airways has chosen to measure online visitor behavior in order to ensure apositive customer experience and increase online profitability. With the technology provided by Omniture’s solutions, Qantas can identify trends inthe competitive world of online travel and leverage behavioral informationto ensure a positive customer experience.

“Delivering an intuitive and customer-centric online experience for oursite visitors is important to us,” said Qantas General Manager DirectChannels John Lonergan. “Implementing Omniture’s technology will ensure wecan understand what our customers are looking for, while also deliveringthe information our corporation needs to make strategic businessdecisions.”

As a world leader in the travel industry, Qantas handles large amounts ofdata—so much data that their in-house Web analytics solution was gettingbogged down from the massive amounts of information it was processing. Thisinformation overload resulted in slow data processing and report creation—limiting the company’s ability to quickly address or execute onlinebusiness initiatives. With Omniture, Qantas has equipped themselves withreal-time data that provides granular insight into the performance of theironline campaigns and effectiveness of their Web site.

Additionally, through the information generated by
, Qantas can identify the areas of their Web site thatdrive the most success—and the elements that may be performing poorly.The company can also identify visitor segments according to trends inbehavior and remarket accordingly. SiteCatalyst also reveals whether or notvisitors are penetrating the Web site effectively, and can report on offerand product performance.

Omniture is also helping Qantas drive their search marketing initiatives.Through Omniture’s solutions, Qantas can measure all of their acquisitionchannels—referring domains, SEM and SEO efforts, email campaigns andmore. They can also determine the effectiveness of their internal searchcapabilities by seeing which terms result in customer conversion andaddress any issues related to failed searches.


“Because Qantas is the largest airline in Australia, it’s critical for themto have easier ways to crunch and analyze huge amounts of data in real timeto quickly create compelling offers and services to their customers,” saidGail Ennis, senior vice president of marketing at Omniture. “BecauseOmniture manages more than three billion transactions each day, Qantas canrely on us to deliver the scalability and ease of use they require.”