100 sexiest hotels listed

Marc Holland, founder of Sexy, Inc., said,“Over 500 properties were evaluated and winners were chosen according tostyle, architecture, ambiance, service, mood, and emotion.” Holland added,“Defining ‘sexy’ was the fun part of the job. Sexy has nothing to do withprice, size, or reputation, but rather how all those elements come togetherto create a sensual experience that evokes a feeling of true transcendencefor the guest.”

“Sexy can’t be faked,” says Holland, “A hotel or resort is either sexy orit’s not. There are no in-betweens. Sexy could be a desert mega-resort, asleek New York City business hotel, a Malaysian seaside resort, or a safaricamp.”

Highlighted properties include Rattray’s in South Africa, Bleibtreu inBerlin, The Montage Resort & Spa in Laguna Beach, California, Navutu StarsResort in Fiji, Costa Rica Marriott in Costa Rica and many more.

Jeff Johnson, V.P. of Marketing for the Montage Resort & Spa, says, “We arevery pleased to have been chosen as one of the World’s Sexiest Hotels. Weare a romantic and elegant getaway and want to evoke a relaxed experiencefor all the senses.”

Julia Poppe, Director of Marketing, Bleibtreu Hotel, said, “We are veryproud to again be affiliated with the exclusive worldwide circle of’Sexiest Hotels.’ The love for the smallest detail and our drive toconstantly improve and tend our sincere service is part of our trait whichis appreciated by our guests. Since the opening of the Bleibtreu, whichliterally translates ‘Remain Faithful,’ many of our guests have beenloyal.”


World’s 100 Sexiest Hotels is a luxury travel-ranking co-venture betweenSexy, Inc., Sky Radio & Video and SkyAuction.com, a leading online travelauction company.

Holland says, “The winners that we’ve spoken to are all thrilled with beingselected for the list. They are used to winning awards, but the ‘Sexiest’award is something they are unusually proud of.”