ComeToParis, FastBooking combine forces

FastBooking, the Internet hotel booking expert, has integrated its 24-language booking system into the website. The 200 tourist activities offered in four languages by, the Paris entertainment specialist, can now be found on the website. and FastBooking are entirely complementary: the first offers tourist options such as cabarets, dinner cruises, airport transfers, guided tours and a range of information on Paris, whereas the second deals with hotel bookings. So in exchanging their know-how, both these key players in the Internet tourist sector will be developing their respective service offers.

Another sales channel for FastBooking

FastBooking’s 300 client hotels already have the advantage of a state-of-the-art distribution program: the websites and, the GoVoyages network and the Office du Tourisme de Paris’ hotel booking system (reserved for members of the tourist organization).

Since 1st September 2006, FastBooking has been referencing all its 300 hotels transparently on the website, providing increased visibility for the hotels and consequently opening a window of opportunity for future bookings. And now FastBooking can provide its Internet clients with access to a complementary range of services that they can add to their stay in Paris, as soon as they have confirmed their hotel booking.

Increased exposure and a broader-based service offer for
For the approach is different but just as rewarding. Not only will this partnership allow the company to broaden its offer thanks to a real-time, 24-language hotel booking system but it will also provide a double reference on, the Parisian hotels’ booking website, developed and animated by FastBooking:


a space on the home page

a link on each e-mail confirming a booking made through the website draws over 240 000 unique visitors per month in Internet traffic, which means that the services will now be distributed to a much wider, highly qualified and fast-growing audience.

Selective demultiplication of distribution channels, which showed a 100% growth rate in its last financial year, aims to extend its reach even further through these partnerships with key players in the tourist sector, selected for the quality of their services.

FastBooking has shown a constant upturn for the first nine months of this year in the booking volumes generated by its distribution programs (+ 105% compared to 2005) and has no intention of stopping there! The development of its distribution platform, not least through the increased number of sales channels on its main European destinations, remains one of its priorities.