iBAHN moniters hotel broadband

iBAHN is launching a Global Command Center (GCC) which allows greater proactive quality monitoring of hotel broadband services. With broadband speed and security as the two most important issues to hotel guests, the new GCC ensures hoteliers can offer a seamless Internet experience to their clientele.

In addition to a traditional 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) that iBAHN currently operates to deal with day-to-day network maintenance and operational requirements, the GCC is focused on monitoring over 100,000 pieces of equipment to detect faulty performance before the guest notices it. Additionally, the GCC protects properties on the iBAHN network by monitoring for viruses, malicious attacks and spam before they affect the broadband quality for hotels guests and conference attendees.

The Global Command Center, located at iBAHN’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Ut., is staffed by dedicated support technicians who monitor the iBAHN network, ensuring the detection of potential Internet-usage issues. With this early detection system, it becomes possible for the technicians to address an issue even before the hotel or meeting site using the connection notices any changes in service.

“We created the Global Command Center to increase our already fast and proactive response time to any possible issues on the network,” said Gregg Hodges, iBAHN’s chief operating officer. “With such strong monitoring services, iBAHN is able to even more effectively assist our partner properties.”

With the aid of a new visual system relaying real-time network stats and recording trends, Global Command Center staff can easily spot and quickly respond to issues.


From the GCC, support technicians also have a more efficient way to view which hotel guest and conference rooms are online or offline, and how much bandwidth guests are using, in order to reallocate or suggest more bandwidth.

The development of the Global Command Center is part of iBAHN’s commitment to providing their hospitality partners with the highest quality High Speed Internet Access and service available. Recently, iBAHN devoted more than $2 million to updating partner hotels’ infrastructures - ensuring the hotels had the necessary technology and architecture to support broadband service.