Parkside Victoria gets green status

Aviawest’s Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa is setting the pace for green building, by staying on target to become the first Platinum LEED certified Resort-Hotel in the world.
LEED certification is Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design. It’s a system of measuring green building practices, and is defining a new standard of sustainable building practices among developers.

Buildings in Canada are rated on a 70 point scale, with four possible levels of certification available; LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Points are awarded for environmental considerations such as recycling gray water, or using etched windows to prevent heat transfer from sunlight. To achieve a Platinum rating, buildings must earn 52 of the available points.

Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa is on target to become the world’s first Platinum-rated Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Resort-Hotel.

The Pearson group, developers of Parkside and award winning Pacific Shores Resort & Spa, have a history of environmental awareness. The Nanoose Bay property has been utilizing green building practices since the development began in 1990. Jim Pearson, CEO and owner of Aviawest states; “We’ve been an environmentally responsible developer since the early 1990’s. We were recycling in our area before anybody else was”