Lonelyplanet.com adds rail content

International Rail is launching a new partnership with Lonely Planet Travel Services. With immediate effect, consumers using the Lonelyplanet.com website will have access to tickets for over 66,000 rail routes in Europe and North America and more than 30 types of rail passes for travel in over 35 countries worldwide.

“We have chosen International Rail for Lonely Planet’s rail offerings in Europe because of its vision to provide global rail beyond Europe, its innovative interactive tools, and because we know that we are providing the best prices and services for our customers,” said Mike McDermott of Lonely Planet Travel Services.  “Rail is a critical component of our customer’s trip planning, and it is important that we have the most forward-thinking business partner to meet the needs of independent travellers.”

“International Rail is excited to be associated with a brand as strong as Lonely Planet, especially since rail is such an important part of the independent travel experience. International Rail’s booking technology enables any consumer travel website to have global rail booking fully integrated into their site, complete with their own look and feel, very quickly and with virtually no resource commitment,” said Omid Golshan, European Marketing Director of International Rail.

He also added “Consumers love it because they can complete their travel planning all in one spot with the most intuitive rail offering, and travel companies love it because they get an instant new revenue source with no associated expense.”