SITA Voice exchange goes mobile

SITA has launched Mobile VoIP for the SITA Voice Exchange, a service
designed to allow members of the air transport community to dramatically reduce
mobile communication costs.Following on from the launch of the Voice Exchange earlier this year, which allows
the ATI to avail of free intra-community calls, SITA now enables the industry to
reduce spending on calls over mobile networks by providing free calls to the
community from session initiation protocol (SIP)-enabled portable devices, such as
PDAs and mobile phones like the Nokia E60. In addition, these can now be used to
call international destinations at local rates and without the recipients incurring
roaming charges as long as they are within a WiFi reception area or “footprint”.
As mobile charges can make up 60% of an airline’s total voice traffic costs[1]
this translates into significant cost saving for the industry.

“Estimates of telephony costs for the ATI run in the billions of dollars, so with
the Voice Exchange available now for both fixed and mobile calls we are providing
the opportunity for the community to make substantial savings,” said Rene Azoulai,
Senior Vice President Communication Services, SITA.


The SITA Voice Exchange service is unique in that it provides the ATI with a secure
offering that integrates with either legacy or Internet Protocol (IP)-based
telephony systems running over both broadband Internet and private networks. Through
this service SITA is taking Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC) one step further.
Community users can now use one number for both mobile and fixed devices and stay
connected at all times through mobile presence, instant messaging and VoIP.