ATA applauds test workers

The Air Transport Association of America has recognized the recipients of the 2006 FAA-ATA Non-Destructive
Testing (NDT) Forum “Better Way” award. The “Better Way” award recognizes a team of government and airline
industry individuals who collaborated to advance inspection or testing
of aircraft structure, components or systems. This award, jointly
sponsored by the FAA and ATA, was presented at the ATA Non-Destructive
Testing (NDT) Forum on Oct. 18 in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Industry and government professionals recognized with this prestigious
award include: From Delta Air Lines: David Piotrowski, John Bohler,
Richard Watkins, Ramesh Ramakrishnan, Doug Jury, David Steadman and Mark
Boudreau (now with FedEx Express); from Drexel University: Bao Mosinyi;
From FAA Technical Center: John Bakuckas, Amlan Duttchoudhury (now with
The Boeing Company) and Doug Koriakian; from Sandia National Labs -
AANC: Mike Bode, Floyd Spencer and David Moore.


The winning team was recognized for its efforts to summarize 20 diverse
NDT techniques used to assess damage on longitudinal lap joints. The
results of this effort are documented in a database that will provide
end-users at airlines and repair stations with the information needed to
make informed decisions about the capabilities of the various NDT



“We congratulate the team for their tireless and outstanding work,” said
ATA President and CEO James C. May. “This award exemplifies the
important collaborative work that is essential to our industry.”