SITA security system to roll out in Fiji

Addressing concerns for border
security and passenger processing time, the Fiji Immigration Department has
announced the implementation of SITA’s iDetect Advance Passenger Information (API)
system scheduled to go live across the country by end of the year.Fiji is one of the first countries in the Pacific islands to adopt SITA’s border
management solutions after its neighbours Australia and New Zealand. Border security
is an important issue for the Pacific Islands and is being addressed at the 10th
Annual Pacific Immigration Directors’ Conference (PIDC) being held in Wellington,
New Zealand, from 17-19 October 2006.

Tui Mateo Koroiveibau, Compliance and Investigation Manager of Fiji Immigration
Department, who is presenting at this conference said, “The adoption of SITA’s
iDetect enabled us to enhance border security and foster multilateral co-operation,
particularly among the Pacific islands.”


“The speed of implementation of an improved security system was vital in light of
the growing number of travellers to Fiji. We partnered with SITA who provided this
efficient and secure passenger service in a matter of months. This will greatly help
to facilitate businesses and tourism to our country”, added Tui.



The implementation of SITA’s iDetect, is part of the Fiji’s seven-year Rolling
Tourism Plan to build infrastructures to meet the growing tourism industry. Fiji’s
tourism has experienced rapid growth in the last five years, and tourist numbers are
increasing at an average of 10% annually. Total tourist numbers reached an all time
high in 2005 with 521,000 visitors. By 2011, the number of tourists is expected to
exceed 800,000.


Airlines flying routes to-and-from Fiji participating in the iDetect API program
include Air Pacific, Air New Zealand, Korean Air Lines, United Airlines, American
Airlines, Polynesian Blue, Pacific Blue, Air Vanuatu, Air Nauru, Air Calin and
Solomon Airlines.


SITA’s iDetect allows the Fiji immigration authorities to pre-screen passengers
prior to their arrival. It is a post-departure system combining passenger and flight
data to provide control authorities with clear, detailed and standardized records
for each traveller on each incoming flight, ahead of arrival.


“With the adoption of SITA’s iDetect API technology, Fiji is now one of the
countries using SITA’s innovative solutions for border management and passenger
facilitation. Through our IT solutions and provision of efficient border control
systems, SITA can help governments and airlines increase the efficiency of
travellers’ services and aid international co-operation” commented Thomas
Marten, SITA Vice President of Global Government and Security.