OneLink unveils improved software offering

OneLink has announced an improved version of its integrated booking and settlement processing software that helps travel agents deliver even faster, more efficient service to travelers.The enhancements better streamline the travel booking process and incorporate several new features designed to improve travel booking.

OneLink Corporation supplies well-known travel consortia CCRA International with its technology that powers the commission and settlement features found on CCRA’s booking portal. OneLink also offers the same technology to other consortia and travel providers; more than 18,000 agents in more than 25,000 locations successfully using the CCRA booking portal, proves that OneLink’s concept of guaranteed commissions and instant settlement works. OneLink can provide similar technology to other travel consortia or host agencies seeking a private label solution.

“Using OneLink Corporation’s technology, CCRA International is changing the way travel agencies do business by giving them new flexibility and control over their cash flow,” said Bill Guerin, chairman and CEO of OneLink Corporation. “OneLink’s technology transforms agents into retailers who control their revenue, profitability and cash flow.”

CCRA’s new portal enhancements include:

- Ability to book multiple hotel rooms - According to Modern Agent Magazine, roughly 50 percent of hotel rooms booked online are multiple room reservations. Through, agents now have the ability to reserve up to three rooms per hotel booking, making reservations easier for both the leisure and corporate traveler.
- Enhanced landmark search capabilities - Agents now can proactively help leisure and corporate travelers explore alternative hotel options based on the location of more than 250,000 domestic and international landmarks, ultimately enhancing each traveler’s experience.
- Currency display preferences - OneLink provides with the technology to now offer agents currency display preferences, allowing agents to list hotel prices using the currency of their choice. Currency choices include: United States dollars, Pound Sterling, Canadian dollars, the Euro and Australian dollars.
- Agency accessible PayPal accounts - With help from OneLink’s settlement technology, CCRA’s portal now permits host agencies to determine which PayPal accounts may be accessed by each agent when booking rooms. An agency can decide if individual agents should use the company’s PayPal account, or if they need to use their own, which gives agencies one more degree of control over their business.
- Additional commission payment options - With OneLink’s technology, provides agents with three different ways to receive commissions - by check, direct deposit or wire transfer - offering additional convenience to agents around the world.
“OneLink’s goal is to help our travel clients be successful at their own businesses by making travel booking a smooth and easy process,” said Dave Kuhn, vice president of marketing for OneLink Corporation. “OneLink’s new features will provide greater control of the hotel booking process to agency owners and managers while providing end-users, such as travel agents, new enhanced functionality, allowing them to focus more attention on the needs of their clients.”