NH Hoteles rolls out UK campaign

The so called ‘NH Moving Room’ visited London during the last 2 weeks! The main goal of this visit to London was to increase brand awareness of NH Hoteles as a hotel brand in the UK and to promote the two magnificent NH hotels in the British capital. This vehicle can be seen as a ‘live’ moving billboard, to give everyone a peak inside the NH Hotels.

The ‘NH Moving Room’, caused a lot of commotion and excitement both on the busy London streets and amongst customers that were visited by the UK sales team in the rest if the UK.

The ‘NH Moving Room’ shows the NH hotel room completely decorated in the NH style complete with wooden floors and in natural shades. This promotion tour in the UK was accompanied with a direct mail campaign, sales visits and a large telesales project in the B-to-B market.

NH Kensington opened its doors in September and is, in addition to NH Harrington Hall, the second NH Hoteles hotel in the UK. NH Hoteles now owns a total of 350 rooms in London.