Swissport favoured for Air NZ handling

Swissport International, together with partner company Transfield Services New Zealand Ltd, was announced today as preferred bidders by Air New Zealand in the potential outsourcing of the national carrier’s ground handling operations at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports. The nomination is subject to contract following a 58-day consultation period between Air New Zealand and labour unions.

The management of Air New Zealand has been conducting extensive studies over the past few months regarding a potential rearrangement of its present ground services at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports, including the issue of an international tender invitation to specialist ground handlers.

In doing so, the carrier is seeking to enhance the processes and cost structures concerned, to ensure that it can continue to offer a competitive product at these three airports.

Swissport CEO Joseph In Albon confirms the selection as preferred bidder for the outsourcing of Air New Zealand’s ground-handling services. Should the deal go ahead, it would cover passenger- and ramp services at Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington airports for a period of up to 10 years handled by a today’s workforce of 1675 employees.

The announcement follows a tender administered by Air New Zealand in a bid to improve service quality, reduce costs, and increase labour flexibility and competitiveness. Swissport, together with consortium partner Transfield Services New Zealand, is delighted to have been selected as Air New Zealand’s “preferred bidder” for the project and now awaits the outcome of the union consultation process over the coming 58 days.


“Air New Zealand has high expectations of Swissport New Zealand”, says Swissport CEO Joseph In Albon, “but we are convinced that an out-and-out ground handling specialist like Swissport can further enhance service standards and efficiency. And, in a market as fiercely competitive as the air transport sector, that will be a huge benefit to our customers.”