Zuji voted best online agent in Asia

Online travel agent ZUJI has been acknowledged for the second
consecutive year as ‘the best online travel agent in Asia Pacific’ by
representatives of the travel industry in the Asia Pacific Region.

ZUJI received the prestigious TTG ‘Travel Industry Award’ during the ‘17th
Annual Travel Awards’ ceremony and gala dinner held in Pattaya, Thailand
last night attended by the cream of travel professionals in Asia Pacific.
ZUJI’s chief executive officer, Mr. Scott Blume, accepted the award on
behalf of ZUJI sites and teams located in Australia (zuji.com.au), Singapore
(zuji.com.sg), Hong Kong (zuji.com.hk), Taiwan (zuji.com.tw), Korea
(nextour.co.kr), New Zealand (zuji.co.nz) and India (Travelocity.co.in)
which will be launched soon.

In thanking industry representatives, ZUJI’s travel peers and partners, Mr.
Scott Blume commented “This award recognises ZUJI’s historic and growing
popularity with travellers throughout Asia Pacific, our commitment to the
region and the passion and skills of the ZUJI team members who help create,
manage and market ZUJI’s unique online travel sites in a highly competitive


Mr. Blume noted that as more consumers realise the benefits of logging-on to
book travel, more local and global companies are seeking to reap the
financial potential of the growing industry, but few have the scale or
established trust of ZUJI, which has been operating for many years in Asia
Pacific.  He said that the key to ZUJI’s ongoing success was ensuring that
travellers’ needs are always the driving force behind the evolution of the
ZUJI travel sites, matched with having a long term view and confidence in
the team and business model.



“There are five c’s to bear in mind when it comes to creating a successful
online travel site: allow travellers the freedom to control the search and
booking process, make access and booking travel convenient, i.e. 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, offer competitive pricing across a wide range of
travel choices, and allow immediate confirmation and secure payment online”.


ZUJI has an impressive track record of working with a wide range of travel
suppliers in the region to distribute product to a growing traveller base of
more than one million members.  In addition to access to a comprehensive
range of airfares, hotels, packages and other travel products, ZUJI has
worked closely with many suppliers to offer compelling tactical deals
supported by innovative, fast to market, marketing campaigns.  This award
also reflects the success of these innovative supplier relationships,
including relationships with many of the hotels participating in the
innovative Travelocity Net Rate Hotel Program.


This week ZUJI launched new ‘hotel guru’ enhancements that will make it
easier for customers to shop for hotels.  The new functionality includes the
ability to select up to four hotels and compare them side by side based on a
range of attributes—location, star rating, photos, amenities and price.
ZUJI has also introduced tools that make it easier for customers to refine
their search by price range, star rating, location or hotel name. These new
features, in addition to ZUJI’s existing traveller reviews and mapping
functionality will allow travellers to more easily find a hotel that best
suits their needs.  It also allows hoteliers a new way to feature their
hotels to ZUJI’s audience of travellers.