Hyatt launches customised wake-up call

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts launches the New Hyatt Wake-Up Call - a customised service allowing friends and family to record personalized wake-up call greetings for traveling loved ones. Available exclusively to Hyatt’s Gold Passport(R) members in North America and the Caribbean, the service is designed to help frequent business travelers maintain connection with others while on the road and personalize their stay with the sound of a familiar voice in the morning.

To celebrate the launch, supermodel Christie Brinkley, well known for balancing a hectic travel schedule and life as a mom, recorded two limited-edition wake-up greetings available for download at .

The cheerful messages offer inspirational advice for the day and remind listeners not the hit the snooze button, as breakfast - and perhaps the gym - awaits them. Each time a Hyatt Gold Passport(R) member registers for Brinkley’s call, Hyatt will donate $1.00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or contribute a maximum donation of $10,000.

“I lead a very active life as a busy mother of three, business woman and environmentalist, which often means exciting trips and adventures,” says Christie Brinkley. “Being part of Hyatt’s Wake Up Call launch is rewarding because it will help travelers like me stay connected with family while on the road. Now your kids can still wake you up too early, even when you’re away! It’s a fun way to stay connected and raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a cause that is very close to my heart.”

Beginning October 11, 2006, Hyatt Gold Passport(R) members will be able to visit or 1-866-387-1769 to schedule a call. Hyatt’s Diamond and Platinum Gold Passport(R) members will be able to register for an annual subscription for unlimited access to schedule personalized wake-up calls. All wake-up calls will be sent directly to members’ cell phones.


During the first 48 hours of the program, Hyatt will offer the New Wake-Up Call service, including Christie Brinkley’s limited edition greeting, free to all guests.

“The New Hyatt Wake-Up Call is the latest in a series of new products and services that demonstrate Hyatt’s commitment to business travelers,” explains Matt Adams, Senior Vice President of Operations for Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “In addition to amenities like 24-hr [email protected] gyms, efficient check-in kiosks and WiFi, something like a personalized message from a spouse or child can really jumpstart your day.”

In addition to the New Hyatt Wake-Up Call, Hyatt’s new portfolio of business-tailored products and services includes: [email protected], state-of-the-art fitness centers that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to encourage business travelers to work out at their own convenience; FAST BOARD, a service that offers printed boarding passes in the lobby so that travelers can avoid an extra step at the airport; HYATT PDA CHECK-IN, advanced check-in via PDA or Web-enabled service hours before usual; and HYATT E-CONCIERGE, an interactive, online service that enables travelers to pre-plan the perfect stay by arranging dinner reservations, spa appointments and other activities in advance.