HotelREZ to launch chain code at WTM

HotelREZ is heightening brand visibility for its hotel members with the launch
of its own chain code HO, at the World Travel Market 2006.Having doubled its business in 2006 and become a brand associated with
quality, professionalism and high service levels, HotelREZ moving to its
own chain code, was, according to its Managing Director, Mark Lewis, the
next natural step to take and WTM is the ideal opportunity to promote it.

Managing Director, Mark Lewis said, ‘WTM will undoubtedly provide us with
the definitive global travel audience to promote our new chain code to -
the move was designed to optimise member visibility and WTM certainly
provides us with a great platform to do this.’

Mark continues, ‘Our business has grown dramatically over the last two and
half years of operation and we now represent an incredible collection of
550 hotels in 18 countries around the world, and as part of our ongoing
commitment to our customers we’re delighted to have secured our own chain
code. Marketing our member hotels has always centred on promoting
individuality and exploiting all potential avenues of revenue for them and
we’re thrilled that HO will finally bring all of these marketing efforts
under one umbrella and, provide us with clear brand differentiation.’

Heightening further its client’s individuality, HotelREZ will be joined on
its stand by a collection its international hotel partners: Ars Hotel, Le
Dune, Grotta Azzurra Hotel, Les Sables Noirs, Relais Villa San Martino,
Gardaland Hotel Resort, The ParkCity and Terre.

As the most recent addition to the collection, Terre, a 5 Star Deluxe Spa
Resort, is indicative of the international appeal of HotelREZ and the vast
expansion it is making throughout the world in the hotel representation
sector. With such a unique offering for its clients, HotelREZ is,
according to one of its newest employees, Daniel Simmons ‘a company that
is fast becoming the leader in the hotel representation sector’.


Former Distinguished Hotel employee, Daniel Simmons has recently joined
HotelREZ ensuring that the size of the team keeps in line with its rapid
and sustained growth pattern. And, making a mark as soon as he arrived at
the company, Daniel immediately secured a brand new working partnership
for HotelREZ with Virgin Experience Days, now offering HotelREZ properties
in its Classic and Deluxe Short Break categories.